The yurt village

The yurt village


We are a organic fruit mini-farm that provides facilities for the educational activities of our Cultural and Environmental Center Štolmíř. Like many similar ecocenters, we also offer accommodation. You will discover the peace and beauty of the Czech countryside and combine it with an unusual experience in the form of a night spent in a yurt. You will watch the stars right from your bed and wake up together with the surrounding nature. You will enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the apple orchard or go to interesting places in the surroundings. You'll take a break from the stress of everyday life and avoid long journeys to exotic destinations. You will feel the closeness of nature at every step.


Stay with your family or friends in 4 Mongolian yurts, which will provide you with a cozy and original environment enhanced by the omnipresent positive energy that the circular yurt space offers.

Rent and make use of the large space of the Royal Yurt, where you can invite friends or colleagues for a seminar in addition to staying overnight, training or celebration, or hold regular courses, workshops, yoga classes, etc.

Come and see how to live and live in connection with nature, enjoy the proximity of the countryside, spend stress-free moments and taste wine from nearby vineyards or homemade eggs and bread from the local oven.


In addition to providing you with a unique cultural heritage in the form of a traditional Mongolian dwelling, our aim is to be in harmony with nature and protect the environment. We apply these principles not only in the management of our mini-farm, but also in the additional activity, which is the provision of accommodation for our visitors. That is why our resort focuses on natural materials and conservation of natural resources. In addition to the construction of the yurt itself, we have used renewable materials to build the facilities and buildings that serve you, our guests. The basis for everything is wood and natural fibre insulation. All paints and varnishes are oil-based. You will not find plastic windows or other synthetic materials in our buildings, except for the easily recyclable plastics used for skylights and patio roofing. The paths are made of natural aggregate (clay) and thus allow natural drainage, which increases the volume of soil water. 

We also take care of the carbon footprint from transport, which is why most of the products are from the Czech Republic. We try to promote a circular economy, so for example most of the furniture in the yurts is second hand. We do not have garbage bins (except in bathrooms and kitchens) to reduce the amount of mixed municipal waste. We collect and consistently sort our waste in one place. We compost garden waste and return it to the soil. We only use environmentally friendly products for cleaning (Ecolabel EU, Blaue Engel, ESV). We keep bees and take care of our greenery without chemical sprays and fertilizers. We make apple cider and apple brandy from apples that grow on trees.

We also manage our water and waste water in an environmentally friendly way. We have our own drilled well and in the future we want to complete a root water treatment plant. All taps and showers are equipped with a water saver. We use toilets with adjustable flow. Each flush means saving 3 litres of water compared to a normal toilet. For lighting we have LED bulbs or fixtures with LED technology. We run on green energy from Nano energies. Our responsible approach is evidenced by the fact that we were one of the first to be awarded the Travel Sustainable label. This label is displayed on our accommodation page on the popular platform. The whole orchard is a place where the educational interests and activities of the ecocentre meet with the requirements for rest and relaxation in nature, which offers accommodation in yurts.

We're always looking to improve and we hope you'll appreciate it too.