Our yurts

Our yurts

Mongolia, where our yurts come from, is a country of traditions. A land where arid desert meets rich grasslands in one place and large lakes disappear into the endless blue sky. A place where eagle hunters, desert worms, reindeer people live and where children are already brilliant at horse riding and archery from an early age. A country that wants to live in the cool pulse of the cities and at the same time does not want to give in to the demands and customs of its traditional, nomadic way of life. A corner of the world where the yurt, the typical dwelling of Mongolian herders, was born. The traditions and cultural values that yurts represent are respected by UNESCO, which has included them on its World Heritage List. And we have decided to bring it to you. 

Come and experience with us the uniqueness of staying in a circular space, which has a healing effect on the human soul and stands out for its great variability and practicality. The energy flows around!

Painted yurts

Our yurts are both the same and a little bit different. Each offers a regal space for two, a cosy abode for 4 or enough sleeping space for 6. With a diameter of just under 7 m, the yurt has a surface area of approximately 38 m2

Without taking away from the bathroom and toilet space, and without disturbing its circular layout, each yurt is equipped with everything you need. Comfortable beds with flexible ventilated grates, plenty of storage and storage space, a place for a quick snack or a romantic dinner, and moments of relaxation inside and out. Perhaps on your own terrace. 

In addition, the yurts are equipped with electrical outlets, central light and supplemental lighting, electric fireplaces and warm carpets to keep more than just your feet warm.

Red yurt

The capacity of the red painted yurt is 2-6 persons.

Diameter 7 m, floor space 38 m2

Green yurt

The capacity of the green painted yurt is 2-6 persons.

Diameter 7 m, floor space 38 m2

Blue yurt

The capacity of the blue painted yurt is 2-6 persons.

Diameter 7 m, floor space 38 m2

Orange yurt

The capacity of the orange painted yurt is 2-6 persons.

Diameter 7 m, floor space 38 m2

Royal yurt

With a diameter of 9 m and a total area of 66 m2, the Royal Yurt forms the heart of our village. During the week during the school year, it functions as a base for the Forest Club we run, working with parents interested in alternative education for their children. The Forest club is part of a broader educational concept, which combines preschool education with elements of small-scale cultivation and breeding (mini-farm) and natural garden with educational potential for further education of children and adults, which serve as a background for group and individual stays. 

Royal yurt

The capacity of the royal yurt is 5-16 persons.

Diameter 9 m, floor space 66 m2

On weekends and holidays, the yurt serves us. Mainly to accommodate a large number of people who do not desire the comfort of their own bed and are satisfied with having a roof over their heads and a dry and flat floor underneath. It can sleep up to 16 people in its own sleeping bag. The yurt has one shared toilet with shower. Outdoor stainless steel sinks with running water can also be used for morning hygiene. For the more adventurous and environmentally minded visitors, we also have a bathhouse with a composting toilet:)

In addition to accommodation, the yurt is perfect for corporate or private events. You can organize a training course for IT specialists, a bartending course or a birthday party. We are not opposed to any other use. We are willing to consult your requirements and meet them. 

We are able to adapt and adjust the yurt according to our possibilities for:

  • corporate training and presentations
  • educational seminars and workshops
  • yoga or other exercise classes
  • meditation and spiritual meetings
  • family celebrations, christenings, weddings and other festive events
  • Anything you can think of that we will agree to

You won't freeze in the yurt even in winter, it is equipped with heating like the others and insulated against the cold with a coat of sheep's felt. The Royal Yurt is only fully available for accommodation during the summer holidays.